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Item Photo Description
1 T_1.JPGEAW VFS250 Subwoofer with Wheels and Soft Cover
1A T_1A.JPGEAW VFS250 Subwoofer with Wheels and Soft Cover
2 T_2.JPGEAW FR250Z Subwoofer with Wheels and Soft Cover
3 T_3.JPGEAW FR250Z Subwoofer with Wheels and Soft Cover
4 T_4.JPGLot (2) EAW FR153Z 3-Way Speakers with Dolly and Soft Covers
5 T_5.JPGLot (2) EAW FR153Z 3-Way Speakers with Dolly and Soft Covers
6 T_6.JPGLot (2) EAW FR159Z 3-Way Speakers with Dolly
7 T_7.JPGLot (2) EAW LA325 3-Way Speakers
8 T_8.JPGLot (2) EAW LA325 3-Way Speakers with Brackets
9 T_9.JPGEAW MK1800-CT 4-Way Speaker System
10 T_10.JPGEAW MK1800-CT 4-Way Speaker System
11 T_11.JPGEAW MK1800-CT 4-Way Speaker System
12 T_12.JPGEAW MK1800-CT 4-Way Speaker System
12A T_12A.JPGLot (2) EAW MR-212 Dual 12 Inch Mid-Range Speakers
12B T_12B.JPGLot (2) JBL 2441 Drivers with Horns
12C T_12C.JPGLot (4) JBL 2402 Tweeters
12D T_12D.JPGLot (4) JBL 2402 Tweeters
12E T_12E.JPGLot (4) JBL 2405 Tweeters
13 T_13.JPGCrown K2 Power Amp
14 T_14.JPGCrown XTI Series 4002 Power Amp
15 T_15.JPGCrown XTI Series 4002 Power Amp
16 T_16.JPGQSC PLX3102 3100 Watt Power Amp
17 T_17.JPGQSC PLX3602 3600 Watt Power Amp
18 T_18.JPGQSC PLX3602 3600 Watt Power Amp
19 T_19.JPGQSC PLX3602 3600 Watt Power Amp
20 T_20.JPGQSC PLX3602 3600 Watt Power Amp
21 T_21.JPGCrown XTI Series 6002 Power Amp
22 T_22.JPGDBX DriveRack 260 Complete Equalization and Loudspeaker Management System (NEW in Box)
23 T_23.JPGDBX DriveRack 220i System Processor with AFS (NEW in Box)
24 T_24.JPGDBX DriveRack Venu360 Speaker Management System (NEW in Box)
25 T_25.JPGMonster Power Pro 2500 Professional Power Center (NEW in Box)
26 T_26.JPGRadial JD6 6 Channel Passive Direct Interface Box (NEW in Box)
27 T_27.JPGEAW MX250 Close Coupled Electronic Processor
28 T_28.JPGFurman P-1800 PF R 15A Prestige Power Conditioner w/ Power Factor Technology (NEW in Box)
29 T_29.JPGUS Audio/Whirlwind DA-2M Mic/Line Distribution Amp (NEW in Box)
30 T_30.JPGLot (2) QSC K10 Powered Speakers with (1) Carry Bag
31 T_31.JPGLot (2) Samson Auro D412 Powered Speakers
32 T_32.JPGLot (2) JBL PRX710 Powered Speakers
33 T_33.JPGSamson Stands Single Riser Speaker Stand
34 T_34.JPGLot (2) Ultimate TS-110BL and (4) Samson Risers with Carry Bag
35 T_35.JPGLot (1) Shure PSM900 P9T G6 Transmitter and PR9A G6 Receiver 470-506 MHz Wireless Personal Monitor System with Earpieces, (2) Batteries, Charger and Case Pro Carry Case
36 T_36.JPGLot Shure ULXP4-J1 554-590 MHz Diversity Receiver with ULX1-J1 Beltpack Transmitter, Lav Mic, ULX2-J1 Handheld Transmitter with Beta 58A Mic Capsule and SKB Carry Case
37 T_37.JPGLot Shure ULXP4-M1 662-698 MHz Diversity Receiver with ULX1-M1 Beltpack Transmitter, Lav Mic, ULX2-M1 Handheld Transmitter with Beta 87C Mic Capsule and SKB Carry Case NOTE: Wireless microphones that operate in the new 600 MHz service band (the 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz frequencies) will be required to cease operation no later than July 13, 2020. Spectrum will continue to be available for wireless microphone use on the other TV channels 2-36 (TV band frequencies that fall below 608 MHz), on portions of the 600 MHz guard band (the 614-616 MHz frequencies) and the 600 MHz duplex gap (the 653-663 MHz frequencies)
38 T_38.JPGShure Beta 54 Headworn Microphone with Power Supply in Case
39 T_39.JPGShure SM87 Mic with Case
T_40.JPGAudix DP7 7-piece Drum Microphone Package with Case
41 T_41.JPGShure SM58 Mic with Clip
42 T_42.JPGSennheiser E865 Mic with Clip
43 T_43.JPGEBTech XLR Hum Eliminator

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