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Joseph Finn Co., Inc.
MADICO - *BIDDING ENDS THURSDAY MAY 16 2019 Starting at 11:00 AM ET

Item Description
1.(1) 2-Door Mesh Front Metal Storage Cabinet in Spare Parts Room
2.LOT Approx. (37) Sections of Gray Clip Shelving
3.LOT (5) 2-Door Metal Storage Cabinets
4.(1) 2-Door Metal Storage Cabinet w/ Rack
5.LOT (3) Assorted Wire Chrome Racks
6.(1) Section of Clip Pallet Racking (No Contents)
7.LOT (3) Assorted Plans Cabinets, (2) 4-Drawer & (1) 5-Drawer
8.(1) Destroy-It #3802 Paper Shredder
9.(1) Midas Pneu-Dri Air Dryer, Model DAS3 on Shelf
10.LOT Assorted Motor Drives on (2) Shelves
11.(1) Novation AF Web Flagger
12.LOT Assorted Lever Sets, Door Guards, Door Closers on (3) Shelves
13.LOT (2) Bostitch 450S2 Nail Guns
15.(1) Modular Office, Approx 25' x 10' w/ Support Structure, 9' x 22', w/ (2) Work Partition Cubicles, PC's, Chairs, Etc In Room
16.(1) Cantilever Rack, Two Sides, (6) Back, w/ Assorted Round Stock
17.LOT (2) Platform Carts (Carts Only)
18.LOT Approx. (25) Metal Folding Chairs w/ Portable Cart
19.(1) 4-Shelf Single Sided Cantilever Rack
20.LOT (4) Assorted Plastic Portable Shop Carts
21.(1) Roll Cart
22.(1) Heavy Duty 2-Door Supply Cabinet
23.(1) 5' Steel Leg Oak Top Bench
24.LOT 5' Steel Leg Oak Top Bench & Steel Leg Wood Top Bench, 6" Shop Vise
25.(1) Hose Reel on Ceiling
26.(1) 5' Steel Leg Formica Top Bench
27.(1) Bridgeport Vertical Mill, s/n BR32142, 42" PF Table
28.LOT (3) Assorted Vises, (1) Kurt 6" Machine Vise, (1) 2.5" Vise, (1) 4" Vise
29.(1) Dayton 1/4HP DE Pedestal Grinder
30.(1) Dayton 6" Pedestal Bench Grinder, Model 2Z4250
31.(1) Lincoln LincWelder 250 Portable Arc Welder, s/n A-851571, 3 Phase
32.(1) Portable Tank Cart & Tank
33.(1) Portable Tank Cart
34.(1) Craftsman 6" Belt Sander
35.(1) Air Flow 24" x 36" Downdraft Table
36.(1) Werner 4' Fiberglass Step Ladder
37.LOT (2) Dayton 24" Shop Fans - No Posts
38.(1) Milwaukee 14" Chop Saw
39.(1) Portable Roll Cart
40.LOT 4-Drawer File, Metal Shelf
41.(1) CM 1 Ton Chain Fall
42.LOT Assorted Café Tables, Plastic Stacking Chairs - Approx. 25
43.LOT (3) Assorted Microwaves, Toaster Oven, Toaster
44.LOT Approx. (29) Lockers in Men's & Women's Rooms
45.LOT (2) Ricoh InfoPrint 6500 Printers, (1) w/ Cabinet Base
46.(1) HP Laserjet M4345 MFP Copier
47.(1) HP Officejet Pro 8715 All-In-One
50.(1) Section of Pallet Racking
51.(1) Cotterman 10-Step Portable Stairway
52.(1) Set of Lockers - 8 Total
53.(1) Norco #76403, 3 Ton Portable Engine Hoist
54.(1) Werner 10' Fiberglass Stepladder
55.LOT (2) AV Carts, (1) Shelf Cart
57.(1) Portable Roll Cart
58.(1) Portable Roll Cart
59.LOT (4) Control Instruments LEL Control Boxes
61.LOT Assorted Metal Cabinet & Shelves in Area
62.(1) Portable Roll Cart
63.(1) Portable Roll Cart
64.(1) Rubbermaid Portable Dumpster
65.(1) Banding Cart w/ Plastic Strapping & Tools
66.LOT (2) Section of Teardrop Pallet Racking
67.(1) Modular Office Approx. 12' x 12' w/ Desk, Chair, Cabinet & Yellow Safety Rail
68.LOT (2) Sections of Yellow Portable Safety Rail
69.Compass Systems Edge Trim Removal System, a whole plant trim removal system consisting of MH-226 25 HP material handling fan with carbon steel impeller (230/460 V, 3 PH, 60 Hz), fan discharge inline exhaust silencer, two (2) Model 5SC "shear-cut" choppers (480V), indoor inline static neutralizer, cylindrical perforated receiver/separator with shroud, compactor infeed chute, Farr model GS4 dust collector to return clean air back into plant from receiver (4000 cfm @ 5.0" SP). Includes "Quick-Fit" System galvanized steel duct made up of ~300' of straight pipe, segmented 45 and 90 degree elbows, fittings, quick-fit clamps and seals. Designed for 11 mil material at up to 300 fpm off three (3) machines taking up to 4" per side on one machine and 2" per side on the other two machines. New in 2011.
70.LOT (2) Rubbermaid Portable Dumpsters
71.(1) Noma 29" Snowblower, 10HP
72.(1) Set of Tire Ramps
73.LOT (3) Sections of Light Duty Shelving
74.(1) 2-Wheel Dolly
75.(1) Hotsy Steam Cleaner
76.(1) Porter Cable 8" Portable Table Saw
77.(1) Budgit 1 Ton Chain Hoist
78.(1) Budgit 1 Ton Chain Hoist
79.(1) Spencer TD730AA Tubular Bag Separator Central Vac System, s/n 801011
80.(1) Gast Model R7100A-2 Pump
81.(1) Water Re-Circulating System Heat Exchanger
82.(1) Air Storage Tank - High
83.LOT (3) Sections of Adjustable Metal Shelving & Coat Rack
84.LOT (2) Stainless Steel Benches, 16" x 48" & 16" x 60"
85.LOT (30) Metal Lockers
86.LOT Approx. (45) Solar Panels on (2) Pallets, 41" x 62"
87.LOT (5) Assorted Dorner Conveyors, (3) - 82" x 6", (1) - 153" x 6", (1) 257" x 6"
88.(1) Cotterman 5-Step Portable Stairway
89.(1) Custom Built 72" Rewind Stand w/ Razor Slitting, 3" Shaft on Unwind, 1" Shaft w/ Adaptors, Tension Controller TC820 Control
90.Used Pasquato Model SHL+TE 17 servo driven knife sheeter for 23" min to 67" max web width, and equipped with a 39.5" diameter single position shaftless roll lift unwind from roll cart (3" cores standard,with adapters for 6", pneumatic disc brakes, 3300 lb. maximum roll weight), Videojet VJ1510 printer for edge marking system, Fife automatic web guide, dancer tension control, accumulator for line feed drive, slitting section with Tidland Class II shear knife holders, die cutting station with variety of dies, heavy duty cross-cut knife providing +/- 1mm cut accuracy, two (2) Ion antistatic units, trim chutes with chopperless blower, programmable touchscreen HMI (for controling parameters including cut length, batch count, total batches count, inspection control, reject reset, line speed, edge trim control), two tape delivery system with one pivoting for reject of defective sheets, self-lowering delivery platform jogging section (82.5" max stack height, 27.5" max stack height with pallet). Allen-Bradley PLC, Allen-Bradley 10" Panelview Touch screen.

For Pasquato Sheeter (only) removal is until June 18th.

91.(1) Maier Blast Cabinet, 40# Cap., 35" Width
92.(1) Bostitch Model FC45EC. 1/4HP, s/n M131943T w/ Bostitch 450S2 Nail Gun
93.(1) Kewaunee Airflow Supreme Fume Hood, 48"
95.LOT Approx. 14 Sections Light Duty Racks in Room
96.LOT (45) Lockers in Room & Coat Rack
97.LOT (2) Stainless Steel Benches
98.(1) Fireking 4-Drawer Lateral File w/ Combination Lock
99.(1) Fireking 4-Drawer Lateral File w/ Combination Lock
100.(1) Fireking 4-Drawer Lateral File w/ Combination Lock
101.(1) Fireking 4-Drawer Lateral File w/ Combination Lock
102.LOT Office Partition Workstations in Area (HR)
103.LOT Office Work Partitions w/ File Cabinets, Chairs, Cabinet
104.LOT Phones, (2) Dell Printers, HP Printer & All-In-One
105.LOT Table, Desk Chairs, Cabinet in Room (No TV)
106.LOT 120" Conference Table, (11) Arm Chairs, Files, Cabinet in Room, Wallboard
107.(1) Polycom Soundstation 2 System
108.LOT Round Table, (4) Chairs, Coat Rack
109.(1) Decision Data 6608 Printer
110.LOT (12) Sections of Office Work Partitions w/ Chairs, Files, Cabinets, Printers, Monitors
111.LOT (Approx. 12) Sections of Office Work Partitions w/ Chairs, Files, Cabinets, Printers, Monitors
112.LOT (3) 4-Drawer Lateral Files
113.Small Pressure Washer
114.Lot Crane Structure With (2) Bridges Each With (2) 1/2 Ton Electric Hoists The overall system is 20’ long and 17.5’ wide. There are two trolleys that run on the bridge system. Each trolley is 12’ wide. The hoists are wired to run at the same time up and down.
121.LOT Misc. Motors
125.(1) High Speed Rollup Door 5' x 8' (Will Be Dismantled by Seller)
126.(1) High Speed Rollup Door 5' x 8' (Will Be Dismantled by Seller)
127.(1) High Speed Rollup Door 5' x 8' (Will Be Dismantled by Seller)

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