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1."Horizon AFC 744 AKT automatic 29" x 51"folder (built in 2009), Equipped with: continuous feeder, 4 buckle plate in main section and two knives in right angles. Roll up mobile delivery that can deliver in either direction. Touchscreen control automatically sets all fold functions by servo motors as well as can store previously inputted specs for repeat jobs. Perf and score shafts, auto registration mark control. Comes with Rietschle Dru Vac pump. Very Compact design. Note: This is a demo model folder that has never been installed in a commercial shop and is like new. Only 5 total running hours on this folder! (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
2.Unused Horizon TST37 delivery crusher/stacker w/plastic banding. Still in original package (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
3.Pack Smart MCV140-44 vacuum belt mail table, 12’ long, 44” wide. Comes with power lifting legs to lift table off of casters, PLC digital controls, Pick n Place feeder & accessories (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
4.Steinemann Colibri 102 UV coater; max sheet size 1020mmx1420mm (40”x56”) w/ Mabeg feeder, Mirus stacker, upgraded PLC, spare cylinder (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
5.TEC Lighting T51P 24” wide UV coating system w/ vacuum and delivery receding stacker, feeder needs work (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
6.Torit Trunkline fume collector (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
7.Agfa Avalon LF Thermal CTP (2007) w/ Agfa Azura plate processor, Agfa Apogee RIP with dongle (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
8.2003 Fuji Luxel VX 9600 CTP 28”x40” 8 up (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
9.Sunraise Inc Super 12 (7) lane business card slitter (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
10.Robatech Concept gluer 4/2 1K4/2 head lot glue system, hot melt tank on cart (1999) (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
11.Sickenger MHP21 2:1 punch (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
12.Infratech 1500 watt UV drying line, Md. W-1524; S/N X0406 (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
13.Seal Image 62 PWS 2-sided laminator 61” wide (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
14.2002 Rollem TR 30 perf + score unit w/ pile feeder, strikeperf, 30” wide max. sheet, digital controls; S/N TRM 702/101. NOTE: does not include delivery shown in photos (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
15.2015 Trenton chiller cooling tower condenser Md. TCS010-SZA (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
16.2002 Heidelberg QM46DI Pro 46-4 direct image 4/c press w/ RIP, dongle and manuals; S/N 991765 (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
17.MBO B20 folder 20x26” folder 4/4 w/ 8 page right angle section w/SE500 delivery & segmented glue rollers; S/N M 04/124 (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
18.AB Dick 9810XC offset duplicator w/ Crestline damps and Swing-a-way T-51 2nd color head (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
19.Itek 3985 2/C 13-3/8” x 17-3/4” offset press w/ Kompac dampening; S/N 2552 (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
20.1998 Polar 1ER110-4 transomat loader/unloader (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
21.Oki-Data NS1202 (RX4004A) digital color printer w/ envelope feeder (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
22.Package of TT binding machines; all on wire cart including Ibico combo punch, GBC C110 combo, GBC TE2900 closer, GBCPB2600, Duplo DF-520N folder, Rhinotuff 8000 and HP7700 etc. (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
23.LOT 2 Samuel plastic banders, selling as package (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
24.HP Design Jet 1050C wide format printer (needs work) (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
25.LOT 2 Microboard MX-2 disc publisher CD/DVD/Flash drive duplicators (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
26.Graphic Whizard CMPlus-TS autofed, servo driven perf/score (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
27.HP Laser Jet 9000 dn laser printer w/ auto sorting (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
28.Horizon MC80A/M 16 bin collator/bookletmaker (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
29.HHS C1100-4 programable gluer on cart w/ 2 tanks (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
30.Rollem TR 30” perf + score unit w/ pile feeder included operators’ manuals, scoring wheels; S/N TRS 598/98 (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
31.Itek 3985 true 2 color 13-3/8” x 17-3/4” offset press; S/N 2589 (LOCATED IN WINTHROP, ME)
32.Ryobi 3302M true 2 color 13-3/8” x 17-3/4” offset press; S/N 7026 (LOCATED IN WINTHROP, ME)
33.Baum 418B 18x22” pile feed folder w/ right angle; S/N 9/A2 044 (LOCATED IN WINTHROP, ME)
34.ProCut 320 MPS III 32” paper cutter, has a safety switch issue (LOCATED IN WINTHROP, ME)
35.Bourg BB3002 single clamp perfect binder (needs work) (LOCATED IN WINTHROP, ME)
36.2007 Presstek 34 DI-E digital offset press; S/N 2510, need rollers (LOCATED IN WINTHROP, ME)
37.2014 Mimaki JV300-160 60” wide format inkjet printer; S/N S246B406, Will need print heads (LOCATED IN WINTHROP, ME)
38.Mimaki CG-130SRIII cutting plotter, has had little use (LOCATED IN WINTHROP, ME)
39.Amergraph Plate burner Md. V26 VMS Exposure System (LOCATED IN WINTHROP, ME)
40.Horizon BQ-160 single clamp perfect binder, 2016; S/N 362008 (LOCATED IN WINTHROP, ME)
41.Baum 714 Ultrafold 14”x20” table top folder (LOCATED IN WINTHROP, ME)
42.Shinohara 52 20” offset press with swing away numbering & 2nd color imprinting unit (LOCATED IN PROVIDENCE, RI)
43.Sulby MKII Auto-Minabinda single clamp perfect binder (LOCATED IN BOWDOIN, ME)
44.Multi 1450 w/ T51 Head and Upgraded Motor (LOCATED IN BOWDOIN, ME)
45.Stahl TF 56 3/4-4-RF-N 23” x 35” folder w/8 page right angle & SAK 56.3 (LOCATED IN BOWDOIN, ME)
46.Rosback 201C 2 head stitcher; s/n 201C8943017 (LOCATED IN BOWDOIN, ME)
47.A.B Dick 9870 w/ T Head, black (LOCATED IN BOWDOIN, ME)
48.Professional Binding Systems PBS 6000 single clamp EVA perfect binder (LOCATED IN SEABROOK, NH)
49.Shanklin shrink wrap consisting of: Shanklin Md. S-40 Hy-Velair heat sealer; S/N S/3107 and Shanklin Md. T-7XL heat tunnel; S/N T-95393 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
50.Streamfeeder Md. V710; S/N 71036360 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
51.Streamfeeder Md. C12 Straight Shooter; S/N 3298 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
52.Hub City conveyor Md. 185; S/N 0230-01603 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
53.Hytrol Conveyor; S/N 449940 (1994) (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
54.Signode Md. MS-T Strapper; s/n 1650 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
55.Bostitch Band Stitcher; s/n 11585 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
56.Lawson Super Duty Paper Drill (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
57.Interlake Hand Stitcher Md. P; s/n 1123 (1989) (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
58.Bunn String Tyer; S/N 86256 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
59.Bunn String Tyer; S/N 84505 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
60.PAC Md. SM2000 Strapper; S/N 7095220 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
61.Stahl TF 66/444-RF.2 Folder; S/N 39415-167095 with Stahl 2.TF 66/40C.2 section & Stahl SAK 66.3 delivery (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
62.Tornado Ink Mixer (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
63.Little Joe Ink Offset Color Swatching Press Md. 67S s/n 149 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
64.Brackett Paper Jogging Table (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
65.Stahl PS-66 Folder Crusher Roller Section s/n 40579-165509 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
67.Static Book Block Nailer-Charger (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
68.Didde Glaser DG175 4 unit 22” x 17.5” Web Offset Press, Rewinder Md. RS1117A; S/N 266-207 (LOCATED IN Ithaca, NY)
80.MBO B30-1-30/4 Folder s/n J02/71, B30-2-30/4 8 Page Angle, B26-3-15/4 16 Page Angle, A76 Delivery, MCC2 Counter (Located in Rochester, NY) (Machine can be loaded on a truck "as is" free of charge. Buyer must arrange skidding or palletizing)
81.1990 Meccatec Astric Book Sewer s/n 20818 (Located in Rochester, NY) (Machine can be loaded on a truck "as is" free of charge. Buyer must arrange skidding or palletizing)
82.Stahl SBP 46 Pressing Delivery s/n 40551-155525, Crushing Roller (Machine can be loaded on a truck "as is" free of charge. Buyer must arrange skidding or palletizing) (LOCATED IN ROCHESTER, NY)
83.Kensol K36T Press (Machine can be loaded on a truck "as is" free of charge. Buyer must arrange skidding or palletizing) (LOADED IN ROCHESTER, NY)
100.1998 Muller Martini Apollo 1540 Stacker s/n 961424 (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
101.3M Model 29200 Top & Bottom Box Taper s/n 4344 (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
102.1997 Prism 115 QZK-1150-J Paper Cutter s/n 989-1046; Comes with Light Safety Beam, Programmable, Tooling, 2 Extra Blades (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
103.2004 Standard Horizon AFC-544AKT Cross Folder s/n 010007 With Manuals, Pump, Touch Screen Controls (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
104.Rollem TR-30 Air Feed Score, Crease, Perf Machine s/n TRS 291/53; Machine comes with Box of Extra Perf, Score, Slit & Crease Wheels (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
105.Count AP+2 Autopro Model AP +18 Numbering, Crease, Perf & Score Machine s/n AP +180611-11-803319PN – 2 Numbering Heads Included (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
106.Bourg BB3001 Automatic Perfect Binding System and Delivery s/n 612145210, Single Clamp Binder, Comes with Manual and Some Glue (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
107.OFM Friction Folder 14” x 20” Table Top s/n 001225 (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
108.Ternes SE50 Pneumatic Plate Bender For Heidelberg SM-74 Offset Press s/n S3H-0234-0535 (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
109.PAC SM2000 Plastic Banding Machine s/n 9047439 (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
110.Full Skid -- 24 Cases 28M.20.2218 Poly Strapping Ό”-6MM MG 200 White 8X8 18,000 Ft (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
111.Full Skid – 24 Cases 28M.20.2218 Poly Strapping Ό”-6MM MG 200 White 8X8 18,000 Ft (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
112.Full Skid – 24 Cases 28M.20.2218 Poly Strapping Ό”-6MM MG 200 White 8X8 18,000 Ft (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
113.1981 Polar Power Max 28” Paper Cutter Model PM Junior 28 s/n 5151927 (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
114.OFM Turbo 14x20” Table Top Air Feed Folder s/n 001181 (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
115.Beck 45” Sheeter with Jogger Delivery and Roll Stand (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
116.2001 Hamada H234C 2 Color 12x18” Offset Press with Royse Recirculator (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
117.Challenge MCPB 305 30.5” Paper Cutter with LED Readout s/n 11477 (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
118.Lombardi Champion 10x10” Auto-Feed Strip Diecutter, Great for Label Cutting in Mass s/n 931; Machine comes with Manuals and Some Dies, the Hydraulic and Drive Motor were missing when Purchased, quote of $3,000 to purchase new from manufacturer delivered in crate to East Coast USA (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
119.2001 Sealed Air Model Opti Seal 4000 Shrink Wrap with Besseler T-15-9-3PH-D Shrink Tunnel s/n 000417 (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
120.Shanklin F-1 Auto Wrapper s/n F8967 with Besseler T-20-12 20” Wide Shrink Wrap Heat Tunnel s/n 001971135 (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
121.Pot Devin NTZ27-87 27” Cold Glue Machine (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
122.Orion Skid Wrapper with Skid of Wrapping Material Model M67-7 s/n 3063567 (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
123.MBO T 49 Air Feed Folder with Right Angle (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
124.Anderson Vreeland Photopolymer Platemaker (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
125.Lawson Classic Auto Drill with Takeaway Option and Delivery Extension – 5 Heads on Drill (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
126.Anderson Vreeland Photopolymer Platemaker (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
127.Brother BES – 1216AC 12 Head Embroidery Machine with Many Hat and T-Shirt, Sweatshirt Templates (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
128.Printa 770 Series 4 Station T-Shirt Carousel Machine With Dryer and Fan on Main Piece – Also With UV Light and Dryer – 41 T-Shirt Fames Meas. Inside – 16x19.25”, Wide Format Proof Printer and Many Supplies (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
129.Stimpson 489 Motor Powered Foot Operated Riveting Machine (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
130.Lot of Small Hohner Stitching Heads – 3 Heads (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
131.Lot of Larger Hohner Stitching Heads – 2 Heads (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
132.Hickock Double Round Corner Machine (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)
133.Lot of Canon Image Toner – For Image Press C60, C600, C700, C800 – 14 Boxes in Total 5 Cyan, 5 Yellow, 4 Magenta (LOCATED IN BINGHAMTON, NY)

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